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Well, hello!

Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere. Pull up an office chair, cafe stool, or powered recliner (I see you, Dad). For starters, I'll be completely forth right in the hopes it's endearing. I'm not totally keen on social media. It's been a hot and cold relationship ever since I dipped my toe in 17 years ago, when Facebook was exclusively for anxious, budding college students. If I aged myself there, so be it. I've lived through the dawning of AOL Instant Messenger, Napster, multiple generational rebirths of the Motorola Razr, and the low-rise flare denim trend that just won't quit. And I'm finally emboldened enough for my first foray into personal blogging. So what I'm saying is bear with me, please.

Drawing and writing have always been two comfy, reliable friends, especially growing up a kid who desperately - and secretly - yearned to shut down like a robot after a day's worth of human social interaction. Adulthood doesn't always allow that luxury, but luckily for me, it's forced me to find my voice and better yet, use it (hopefully effectively?). Turns out I've got a lot to say, go figure. So I'll be using my corner here to share doodles, exciting new work, thoughts and opinions, a real peppering of all of the above. And with the sincerest intentions of putting a bit more good into the world wide web...after all, with great blogging ease comes great responsibility. That's the adage, right?


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