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With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design, I've hopped from coast to coast, traversing New York City sidewalks and soaking up that California sunshine before landing in North Carolina as a freelance illustrator. My husband serves as constant muse and overall funny man, while our two ingenious children create know, in a fun sort of way. Together we're one amusing mess! 

Aside from doodling, I love losing myself in a good book, venturing to the movie theater solo, bonding over board games, feeling the wind blow through my curly mane while riding a bike, walking like my life depends on it, and belting out karaoke for my kids' amusement. Below are some professional tidbits.

Illustrated Books:

It's Bristol Baby! written by Shirley Vernick, 2019

Awesome Minds: The Inventors of LEGO Toys written by Erin Hagar, 2016

One to Ten L.A. written by Puck, 2016

Roanoke Baby written by the Roanoke Public Library Foundation, 2014

Beach Doodles written by Puck, 2012 (Co-illustrated with Violet Lemay)


- Freelance illustrator for Duopress publishing company

- Illustration assistant for renowned children's book illustrator, Violet Lemay

- Various coordinator, receptionist, and assistant positions for The Society of Illustrators and Bento Box Entertainment, as well as too many retail and child care jobs to list here comfortably. 

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