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An elementary request...

It's officially the "Holiday Season" here in America, which means an overloaded schedule for everyone. But for parents, it's go time. We're talking Billy Blanks' "double time" pace. Nonstop, round-the-clock costume and craft making, decorating, gift buying, food prepping madness. And if your kiddos are in school? Buckle up. I'd genuinely forgotten how many theme/spirit weeks, classroom celebrations, and school gatherings I had as a child. Either that, or they've added considerably more fun times over the last few decades and I'm just envious. And through all of this mayhem? Volunteer opportunities and parental requests galore. Luckily, I've always been an art AND school nerd - I prefer the term "enthusiast" - so most of it sits comfortably in my wheelhouse. Now to find the physical time and ensure I have the bandwidth for all of that enthusiasm is a different matter...

I had one such request from my son's first grade teacher earlier this month when she asked if I would decorate the class' Fun Run parade flag. Of course I said YES! Caps and all. The theme was "SPACE", and it gave me a chance to flex my paint pen and glitter Mod Podge collection. I'm no dummy. Oh, and that minor component of making children giddy with amusement. So rather than sharing sketches or my current illustration project, which frankly I didn't get around to this week, I'll share said flag! Below are several process photos, from background painting to the final product. And for those curious - I was told it's currently hanging in the hallway garnering bragging rights for a classroom full of amused 6 year olds.


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